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Larp: Contracts


You are cordially invited to a wake in honor of Martin Fargaze, CEO and President of Mantis Laboratories, Inc., soon to be a subsidiary of NeoDyne Consolidated. As a New Washington luminary, we would be honored by your presence as we commemorate his visionary leadership, and as we mourn his untimely passing. We request your attendence at the Sylvan Plaza Ballroom, on Friday, November the 18th, 2214. RSVP.


On the eve of a hostile takeover of Mantis Labs, we gather to remember the life of its late CEO. Representatives of three of New Washington's most prominent companies will come together for Martin Fargaze's wake and to watch as his company changes hands. Light fare and conversation will oversee this pressure cooker of seething rivalries, sexual tension and arcane magic. Will Mantis be absorbed into NeoDyne's collective without a fight? What interest does Trefoil Technologies have in this takeover? Have you tried the spinach dip? It's really good!

Open the Book of Contracts with us, and tell a story set in the magical and technological capital of the world...

22 to 25 players