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Larp: Between a Roc and a Hard Place

We find ourselves, for this particular story, in an entirely imaginary continent called Dumondee at a time perhaps only vaguely resembling the 17th century of our own. More specifically, we find ourselves in the fairy tale Barony of Oitte, where a marriage of remarkable political significance is soon to take place. The young Baron-to-be of Hwaerr is to wed Oitte's next Baroness in two short months, merging the allied Baronies into a strong and unified force. Between the Baronies is one important but common man, an advisor to one noble family and a friend to the other. Long the tutor of the up-and-coming Baroness, he has also watched his son grow into adolescence as the playmate of Hwaerr's new Baron. It seems the best time for the narrator to mention an ancient and strictly-enforced law: Nobles who are arranged to be wed must never see one another's faces until the wedding ceremony. Thus, one fine day at the humble abode of the court advisor, we find two parties about to collide-- and the stage suddenly set for disaster.
Between a Roc and a Hard Place is a LARP set in a light-hearted, anachronistic fantasy world with just enough magic and mysticism to get our heroes into trouble and not get them out of it. The game will be centered around romantic and social crises, and players with melodramatic tendencies are encouraged to join, particularly those who like getting into trouble. Roc is rules-light and very non-competetive. What's a Roc have to do with this? Oh, you'll find out.
7 to 12 players