Larp: GM Space


"Welcome to the graduation ceremonies for the graduating class of 2008 at Miskatonic University. Pay no mind to the unspeakable horrors that have gathered around in the rear bleachers. Don't even think about the band and their odd instruments with the weird impossible angles. It is best not to notice that the graduation speaker was wearing a cloak and being exceedingly careful not to reveal their head. Actually, maybe you should just run. I mean it! What are you waiting for? Just RUN!"

The blurb was simple, the game was written, cast and stuffed. Now all that needed to happen was for its GMs to manage to run it.

GM Space is a comedic horde LARP about the trials and tribulations of running a LARP. Players either take the roles of members of Nameless Dreamings, the GM team running Miskatonic Graduation Party, or are members of the horde, LARPers playing Miskatonic Graduation Party.