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Larp: The Yellow Fleet

Anna Bradley
The Yellow Fleet was the name given to a group of fourteen ships trapped in the Suez Canal (in the Great Bitter Lake section) from 1967 to 1975 as a result of the Six-Day War. The name derived from their yellow appearance as they were increasingly covered in a desert sand swept onboard. In the past eight years you have created a society here for yourselves. You have a yachting club and your own version of the Olympic games. You even made your own stamps. IT is not the life you chose but it is the life you got and here you made some of the best friends of your life. However, it seems like The canal is about to open again soon. But this place, in the navel of the world, is fraught with politics. It may be up to you to make sure you all get out of here. Will you make history? Will you influence politics? Will you, after 8 years, get home? There will be politics, intrigue, history and camaraderie. And perhaps, a few surprises.