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Larp: Orgia ad Domus Lomaximus

Kreg and Cam
By Kreg Segall & Cameron Betts 35 B.C., Rome. Augustus Caesar rules Rome after a devastating civil war. The Senate is demanding a return to the republic. Soothsayers are predicting a messiah soon to arise in Judea. Livia, Augustus' wife, is homicidally bent on ensuring that her son rules Rome after Augustus. Admidst all of this civil unrest, however, the populace has just one overwhelming question on their mind. Can they get an invitation to Gaius Marcus Lomaximus' next orgy of food, flesh, and festivity? Who cares whether Varrus gets appointed as the governor of Syria when Volumnia, the professional Cleopatra impersonator, will be performing her famous exotic snake dance? You have been lucky enough to obtain an invitation to the next feast. Lowly slaves, wise astrologers, vestal virgins, stately senators, members of the imperial household, and boastful generals all converge on one villa for a night of decadence and riotry at Domus Lomaximus.