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Larp: Reindeer Games

By Charles Hope, Mike Person, Brian Litofsky, Laura Baldwin, Donna Bell Santa's Dude Ranch, mid-summer break. Rudolph was recently found dead, and the Elves are threatening to strike!
"...and that's the latest news on Cupid, Dan." "Thanks, Ms. Potter. Turning now from Valentine's Day to Christmas, just how certain is it that this year's Christmas will be everything it's supposed to be? We go now to co-anchor Connie Chung, live from the North Pole." "Thanks, Dan. As you know, continued reports of labor troubles have been leaking out of Santa's Workshop for nearly a month now. There's reportedly some sort of split between the elves themselves, although details of their exact demands are sketchy. We don't think that the dispute has spread to the reindeer yet, although we hear that the legendary Reindeer Games will be taking place early, perhaps even before the summer is over, due to the tragic demise of Lead Reindeer Rudolph. More on this as the story breaks. "From the North Pole, this is Connie Chung. Back to you, Dan." "Thanks, Connie. In other news, Christmas did receive a boost in recent months with the success of its "Best Little Kid in the World" contest. Out of millions of entries one winner was chosen by Santa himself earlier this week. This winner, one Susie Derkins of the mid-western US, will be receiving an all expense paid tour of Santa's summer retreat as well as an extra special gift of her choice this Christmas." ---------- Welcome to Reindeer Games, a fun-filled one-night assassin game featuring Santa, his elves and reindeer, and a few select Christmas guests set at Santa's summer dude ranch somewhere in Northern Arizona.