Elfwhere II: Heart's Desire
@ 2 p.m.

Intercon B

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

By Andrew Warren Kirschbaum

It is the dead of Winter in the land of Faerie. The Wild Hunt rules the night and the Unseelie howl with dark delight. It is a dangerous and powerful time. A time when anything can happen. Will you hide in your castle with the covers over your head? Or will you plunge into the dark and come out stronger, wiser, and luckier than ever? Elfwhere II: Heart's Desire is coming to Intercon B!

A Timeless time ago in a place where all your dreams come true the High King Oberon went wandering. While he was gone, the noble lords and ladies of Faerie conspired to change the laws of Faerie forever. Of course, noble lords and ladies of Faerie being a chaotic and fractious lot, they all wanted to change them differently.

A lot of things went wrong, and Oberon's own brother, Grand Duke Nuada, died to help make things right again. Now Oberon at the strong behest of his beloved Queen Oonagh has called for a Grande Masque Ball to honor Nuada's memory.

And just to spice things up, Master Morgan of Hed has created a Riddle for the occasion. Oberon has declared that whoever solves the Riddle will be granted their Heart's Desire!

Some will come for the intrigue, some will come for the honor, some will come for the mystery, but all the Princes and Lords and Ladies of the Sidhe will come to the High King's Palace for the Masque. Of course with all these Nobles around, the Commoners are in quite a flurry as well! The opportunity for Gossip has rarely been better! Come join us For Ever And A Day in that most magical, treacherous and intrigue-filled land of Faerie. When all your Dreams come true, can your Nightmares be far behind?