Story Wars: Episode Six - Return of the Princess Bride
@ 7 p.m.

Intercon I

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

Eric Wirtanen & Kreg Segall

Story Wars: Episode Six - Return of the Princess Bride A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ... in a land called France, there were three schools. Two were rival fencing schools and the third was a girl's school caught in the middle. There was much ado at graduation. Romances were forged. Revenge was had. Villains were foiled. The King of France found his pants.

Now, we have four new schools set in the far flung future. It's graduation time again. New romances will be forged. New revenge will be had. New villains will be foiled. The lack of pants of the King of France, the Sith will find disturbing.

Welcome to Story Wars, the sequel to School for Young Women. This game is set in the far flung future and will feature famous sci-fi characters such as Han Solo, John Crichton, Scorpius, Rimmer, Jayne Cobb, Londo Mollari, Rose Tyler, Samantha Carter, Kaylee, Bender and many more. Come join them as they attend the Buzz Lightyear Academy, Vala Mal Doran's Wretched College of Scum and Villainy, Darth Helmet's Institute for TAKING OVER THE GALAXY!!!!!, or Professor Farnsworth's University for Killer Robots and Horrible Salivating Aliens.