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Larp: Harry Potter and the Meanwhile...

laura47 and baniszew

By Alya Asarina, Beth Baniszewski and Danny Bates, with help from Laura Boylan.


"Dearest Students,

I would like to begin this feast by asking for a moment of silence and a toast to the eleven lost but most certainly not forgotten of your fellow students. In defense of their ideals, they gave their lives for yours, a debt which you must never forget nor fail to repay. Though the ongoing reconstruction will restore this school in physical form, it can never hide this hideous scar.

I regret to inform you that I will be spending this winter's Christmas Vacation, uncommonly, away from the grounds of Hogwarts, and I fear I must advise you to do the same. In light of war with the supporters of You-Know-Who in mainland Europe, and in the wake of the unprecedented attacks on the Hogwarts grounds this past November the 12th, I am afraid and ashamed to say that neither myself nor the faculty of Hogwarts can adequately see to your safety for the duration of this vacation. I am afraid that our services are required elsewhere, and for this we are profoundly contrite.

I have sent owls to each of your parents, entreating them to see to your safety over the break - that is, I hope to see each and every one of you at home beside your fireplace for Christmas, safe and comfortable. I realize this will not be possible for everybody, and, as such, I have made arrangements for the dozen or so students who have informed me that they will be staying for the duration of the break. I leave you in the capable hands of Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor Albrecht Kane, and trust that you will give him no more trouble than you give to any other of us. In addition, at the urging of the Ministry of Magic, the school grounds will be heavily warded during the vacation, so please feel secure in your safety.

With these brief words, let us commence our feast. Please eat in peace, knowing that, for the moment, all is well. Remember that right and love will prevail in the end, that those you love are fighting for you, and that the roast beef tonight is superb."

-- from the Winter Feast speech of Albus Dumbledore

The world is in chaos. Hogwarts is under attack. A mighty struggle is underway in Europe, with right and love and basic goodness at stake. And, in the midst of it all, are ten students suddenly left all but alone at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As is often the case, the actions of this school may determine the fate of the world ... or at least who wins the House Cup.

"Harry Potter and the Meanwhile..." is a two-hour game running as part of Guild Camp on Sunday July 25, 2004. It is about danger, fear, jealousy, evil, greed and, of course, kids determining the fate of the world.