Larp: Dreams of Peace, Dreams of War


By Peter Litwack

The Pan-Galactic War is over... if you can keep hostilities from breaking out in this conference room! Ten years ago, the miners of Omicron Delta Prime overthrew their robot overlords, breaking away from the Galactic Imperium. One by one, the nations of the Pan-Galactic League were drawn into the conflict until it engulfed all corners of the galaxy. Trade routes were ravaged by space pirates, entire worlds were destroyed or rendered unlivable. Chaos reigned supreme.

Now, an uneasy cease fire has been reached, but the truce is fragile and all sides are demanded mutually exclusive concessions. After three previous failed negotiations and with the ceasefire due to expire in just a few hours, leaders from the major players have come together to try and forge a treaty to bring peace to to the galaxy. Time is running out, tensions are running high, and half the negotiators have been accused of trying to kill the peace process. Which will come to pass, the dreams of peace or the dreams of war?

12 to 15 players