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Larp: Centauri

By Erik Fogg, Charles Hope, Peter Litwack, Dennis Perepelitsa, Ash Turza, and Xiao Xiao A far future sci0fi game of intrigue, spying, diplomacy, and war, featuring a diverse array of political, religious, economic, and racial axes
Running this January 19th - 28th, a game of intrigue, spying, diplomacy, and war, featuring a diverse array of political, religious, economic, and racial axes; GMs Erik Fogg, Charles Hope, Peter Litwack, Dennis Perepelitsa, Ash Turza, and Xiao Xiao would like to invite you to: THE FIRST ELRUSHYN CONGRESS AT ____ _____ ._ _. ._______. ___ _ _ .____ _ / || ___|| \ | | | | / \ | | | | | _ \ | | | ,---'| |_ | \| | `--| |--` / ^ \ | | | | | |_) | | | | | | _| | . ` | | | / /_\ \ | | | | | / | | | `---.| |___ | |\ | | | / _____ \ | `--' | | |\ \ | | \____||_____||_| \_| |_| /__/ \__\ \____/ |_| `_\ |_| A planet covered by dense radiation for tens of millennia, on the border of the greatest two empires that the galaxy has ever seen, has but in the past century emerged from its deadly veil to the peering eyes of the universe... Elrushyn. A planet with bountiful resources that promises riches to the savviest businessman, power to the wisest politician, and freedom to the most desperate of peoples. Hundreds of millions have flocked to colonize the planet in search of their dreams. But the multitude of governments, corporations, religions and peoples to come to Elrushyn have created great conflict. It has been nearly 50 years since the planet was first colonized, and galactic treaty dictates that Elrushyn may no longer remain a collection of independent autonomous colonies. The residents of the planet are required to ratify a single planetary constitution and chose an allegiance from the myriad of interstellar empires all before the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the first colony. But time is running short and no constitution has been written, nor has any allegiance been sworn. If the situation is not rectified before the deadline, it could mean disaster. The Grand Imperial Dominion of Aurora has "volunteered" to take on Elrushyn as a military protectorate, should the deadline elapse. Outraged at this presumption and fearing an Auroran military outpost so close to its boarders, the Loranian Republic of Commonwealths has countered that they should be ones to serve as military guardians of Elrushyn should the populace fail to form one government. The Talthysarian Alliance of Monarchs remains coy as always and has yet to tip its hand, but surely they would not stand by idly while either of the other empires presumed to annex such an important planet. Even now, warships wait outside Elrushyn's zone of control, waiting to pounce. The people of Elrushyn must ratify a constitution and find legitimacy in the eyes of the interstellar empires-- or there may be war to decide Elrushyn's fate. In the hopes of assuaging hostilities, the various colonial governments have formed a Constitutional Committee and convened in the capital city of the Talthysarian colony, Centauri, to create a fair and just government for its people. The eyes of the highest officials of governments all around the galaxy are on this Committee-- or they would be, had a radiation storm not knocked out communication to Elrushyn a few days ago. This is but one of the surprises that Elrushyn has had in store for its colonists. A recent earthquake has recently unearthed a set of bizarre artifacts in an abandoned mine beneath the city. The artifacts are unlike anything produced by any known race in the galaxy. What more, they date to an era when the planet was believe to have been subject to radiation levels vastly higher than any living thing could possibly survive. How could such things have been placed here then and who could possibly have placed them? Now, in solitude, the people of Elrushyn must contemplate this question while struggling to draft a Constitution, choose an allegiance and overcome treachery and deception. And they must do it all without the help of the rest of the galaxy. For time has grown short and the radiation storm may not clear until after the deadline, which already menacingly stands a mere ten days in the future. While the politicians struggle desperately pull their planet back from the brink of war, corporations rush to claim rights to Elrushyn's wealth of natural resources, scientists puzzle over the ancient relics from below the city and ominous figures lurk in the shadows hoping to exploit this period of political upheaval and interplanetary isolation for their own nefarious ends. The fate of Elrushyn hangs in the balance, as does the fate of the Galaxy itself.