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Larp: Wonderland 2.0


Mad Hatters and March Hares, Red Queens, and Lost Little Girls, Caucus Races, Tea Parties, Beheadings and more await those who are brave enough to return to Wonderland! Something is very very wrong in Wonderland, in fact, this may not be Wonderland at all? What if you're really a bunch of modern day role players who only think you're in Wonderland? Are aliens really involved? And most importantly, is the chocolate safe to eat?

And just when things seem to make some kind of sense (or at least a consistent sort of nonsense)time keeps resetting itself and appointments still must be kept. Oh my ears and whiskers, what is to be done to save Wonderland? Join us for Wonderland Reloaded, How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Really Go?

What will you find Through the Looking Glass?

40-player maximum