Brawl at the Broken Nose Tavern
@ 11 a.m.

Intercon C

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

The Broken Nose Bar is frequented by rival Dwarves and Barbarians, one side for Dwarves and one side for Barbarians, including separate mugs and beer. Management hired a new barmaid, but didn't instruct her properly. Her first night, she cleaned and totally mixed everything from both sides of the bar.

The only way the owner of the Broken Nose Bar has been able to keep peace between his aggressive customers is to assure them the sanctity and privacy of their own side of the bar. When they arrive at the bar the next day after the new barmaid has mixed everything up, chaos occurs. How can the bartenders bring order back to the Bar, unmix the mixed up mess that the barmaid has left, and end the animosity and brawling between the Barbarians and Dwarves?