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Larp: The Chelmsford Incident

Welcome to "The Chelmsford Incident", a Cthulhu Live, Modern Day Interactive Event. Come and discover the secrets of past and find out what lies in wait from the shadows. Players will take on the roles of archaeologists, scientists, the press, cultists, and members of an elite undercover agency called Delta Green. Join your fellow players for a truly unique interactive LARP event. Brought to you by PST Productions, North America's Premiere Cthulhu Live production team.
Every town has its share of secrets: some may have a torrid past of prostitution and gambling, others might have been involved in slavery. The secret that hides in Chelmsford is much less mundane and its consequences are much further reaching. Nearly 300 years ago, the founding fathers of Chelmsford locked away an evil that could have destroyed mankind. This evil was sealed away in a holding vessel using ancient Native American magic and a medieval tome of arcane knowledge that has long since been lost to the ages. Upon sealing the vessel, it was buried in hallowed ground and protected by a mystical arcane rite. As the years passed, the story of the bravery of the founding fathers faded into the stuff of legends and lore. What was once an accurate recount of fact turned into the ghost stories of the modern day mythos. As humankind reached into the 20th century, the tale was only used to frighten small children during Halloween celebrations. It is said that the sins of the past often haunt the children of the future - this was recently proven true. During the excavation and widening of Route 3, a strange artifact was unearthed: an obelisk made from an unknown material. Embossed into it are strange symbols similar to Nordic runes. Believing that they had unearthed an ancient Nordic encampment, the town council called in resident experts from UMass Lowell and Miskatonic University. They were flabbergasted by the complexity of the craftsmanship and intrigued by the strange symbols, and they made the decision to contact more experts...
20 to 25 players