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Larp: Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

by Erik Chen, Jasmine Florentine, Liz Hanson, and Ian Ynda-Hummel ...and he's biting your leg off and shiiit! You wake up with clammy hands, and a dire sense of forboding. If only you could remember what that dream was about, it seemed so important at the time. You reach for your leg... good, its still there. But what are you freaking out about? It was just a bad dream. Now you remember. You were at the carnival, and had fallen asleep watching one of those shows. You smile at the memory of little kids running around, and parents chasing them in giant circles, always lagging just behind. But you look around, and there are no more kids. The sun has set and yet the rides and their glaring lights are still on. Garish colors and smiling faces painted on posters close in on you in a bizarre mimicry of festivity. But aside from the quiet murmurs of the others left behind and the suddenly eerie music, it is strangely quiet. For now it's night, and the kids and their friends and their parents and their teachers have all left and only the carnival remains...