TrisCallahans: Callahan's Continuum Cubed

Intercon XX

Bridgeview Inn, New Castle, DE, USA

By Adrienne Amerman, Shane Amerman and Christine Smith

Come back to the place where you are always welcome, come back to Mary's Place. Come join us for some soul searching, some laughing, some crying and some "God's Blessings" at TrisCallahans - Callahan's Continuum Cubed. The game is set in "Mary's Place" a bar in New York in Suffolk County. The bar is built on top of the same place that the orginal Callahan's Place was built. The time is set somewhere in the 80's. This game is a LARP based on the table top supplement from Steve Jackson Games for the GURPS Role Playing System and the stories of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon by Spider Robinson. This game is also different. This game will make you want to laugh, and it will make you want to laugh so hard that you shoot beer out of your nose. This game might just might make you think about things you never thought about before... The characters will be pre-gen, but based on discussions with the player and from a form that you will fill out. There is no combat in this game, as it is pure roleplaying. You will be asked to play your character to depths you have not thought of before.