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Larp: Nap Time


Author: Uncle Don Ross and the Springfield PTA

Nap Time: The Game of Kindergarten Politics.


Ahh, life in a small town. The Smiths hate the Bakers, the Bakers hate the Millers, and everyone wants to keep up with the Joneses. Nobody talks about it, but everyone knows, because they do all their not-talking down at the pub, where the bartender always has an ear open. You've also got that crazy old coot living with all his guns in a shack down by the lake, and the band of hippies living in tents in the burnt out part of town where that big fire happened a couple of years ago.

Seems pretty quiet these days. Poker night over at the train station got broken up by the cops, again. The historical museum is having a two-for-one special on souvenir magnets. And of course, Tuesday is the all-important town meeting, when we finally decide whose long-standing family business gets bulldozed to make room for the new highway which will bring a New Era of Prosperity to the town!

Who cares?

The Muppets are on at seven-thirty and Mommy said since you have were good all last week you can stay up and watch, even though tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten. Maybe she'll pack a Twinkie in your lunch!

10 to 26 players