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Larp: Ephemera

Six things that are people, or were people, or are becoming people, are trying to accomplish something they don't understand in a place that doesn't exist while all of them are going rapidly insane. And time is running out. A horde game without a cast.
You have no idea who you are, where you are, or what you are. You are a cloud of thoughts and events. There is something that you must do, and must do soon, but it cannot be done as you are now. You concentrate and focus yourself in a specific direction, chosen at random. Now you have a physical form and can take action. You also have an object and you know its name, though not its function. You seem to be floating in an endless white void. There are five others near you, beings that may be like yourself. Memories return to you in a flood and you know who you are. Moments ago you were a normal person living on Earth and now you find yourself hurled into the void, uncertain, lost.