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Larp: Timelines

In the mid 21st century, a top secret experiment is just about to take place; an experiment which could change the world...if it works. But changing the world is never an easy task, especially when there are those who would rather see the experiment fail. Are they right to desire failure?
Experimental science -- gone wrong. Traumatically wrong. This was -not- supposed to happen. Things were difficult before, now they seem downright impossible. How did this happen? Will we be able to fix it? And what about those -other- people? Are they innocent bystanders? Did they do this? What do they know that we don't? Can we trust them? Lord help us all. This is a game about desperate circumstances, cutting edge technology, and unintended consequences. Everyone has their own reason for wanting this to succeed. Or maybe fail. A small team of people working in near secrecy comes up with a breakthrough. With outside forces pressing down they throw the switch. But it may have been too soon, for afterwards, they find themselves caught in.... Timelines!
34-player maximum