Larp: The Wreckers

Cristovau and Bess

These shipwrecks defy reason. Everyone has a theory for the disasters' cause, named, "The Wreckers," but the mystery has attracted strangers; Naval officers, vengeful relatives and amateur sleuths. With a tall ship amidst a Nor'easter, it’s time. Discover the truth or be wrecked in the unfolding intrigue.


Twenty-three shipwrecks are no coincidence, and the truth will be told. The once-sleepy coastal town of Clairemouth is the seat of wild speculation. Rumors of the cause, now called "The Wreckers,” grow. But what are The Wreckers? Are they the harbor rocks? The ancient curses? The town council? Legendary monsters? Or something yet to be imagined? Whatever the truth, Clairemouth has gained infamy, and infamy attracts a troubling crowd; Naval officers, vengeful relatives, suspicious sailors, monster hunters and amateur sleuths. When they heard the Nor'easter would hit, one phrase was whispered, "Gonna be another one for The Wreckers." Will you discover what this means, or become wrecked in the mystery?

Hole up in the Whaler's Inn as the truth unfolds in this history-based mystery set in 1876 on the north shore of Massachusetts.

16 to 26 players