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Larp: Sassy Pirate Wenches on the Island of Stern Viking Jarls

Kreg and Cam

Men are from Scandinavia. Women are from the Carribean.

Yet somehow they learn to communicate.


After a reckless raid on a French town involving witty banter, cunning rapier play, and daring escapes, the Sassy Pirate Wenches have made off with a treasure map which is certain to lead them to the haul of the century. After fending off pirate hunters, braving uncharted waters, and enduring shipboard disease and despair, our crew has run aground just offshore a strange secluded island as a storm begins to gather strength on the horizon. *

After a season of terrible inter-clan warfare, the Stern Viking Jarls have gathered at their annual Thing, or council, to grasp each other firmly by the shoulder, gaze at each other with flinty eyes, and nod grimly at each other, thus making a truce--albeit temporary--between the clans. The Viking blood is slowly dying out. Blond braids shaking in the chill wind, the Vikings will quaff heartily from their mugs as they recount tales both glorious and brave about their ancestors.

Surely the skalds tonight will tell the tale of the long-destined arrival of the warrior women who will be bold enough to win their frosty hearts and revitalize the land of the Vikings...

20 to 37 players