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Larp: A Brief Journey Home


Three bounty hunters returning mass murderers to their homeworld for trial face a moral dilemma. What decisions do you make in total isolation?


They were mass-murderers, fugitives from the security forces on their homeworld, an isolationist human colony called Kelos. They had bribed and thieved their way off planet, leaving bodies in their wake, and the Kelosians were unwilling and unable to leave their planet to pursue. Enter the Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Association. These brave and ruthless men and women operate just outside the law, doing dirty jobs that no one else has the stomach for and putting their lives on the line for a hefty credit bonus. The Sky Sharks, a particularly successful hunter team, have managed to apprehend the fugitives in full accordance with the law. Since no one is allowed to land on Kelos, they've arranged to transport them to Barbican, an orbital space station on a mining world on the outskirts of the system. There they'll be handed over to the Kelosian authorities. Just two hours between now and the ship dropping out of hyperspace. Just two hours for three desperate people to change their captors' minds.