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Larp: Reformed, Rebound

You’ve always been curious. In Mage School, you met the love of your life, and found a super-secret hyper-illegal process that allowed you to separate your Whole Soul into its component pieces. The love of your life has abandoned you for an evil government. You have risen through your own government to the highest order of mages. You’ve sworn to protect your country at all costs. To best do your duty, you split yourself into component parts, despite the dangers. This decision has come back to haunt you. Apparently, your former love has done this thing as well. And a bit of you has combined with a bit of them. Combined, the other nation will have everything your nation does. Combined… you don’t know what could happen. You have to do something, but you don’t know what. …The only person who might be able to help is your former lover. You suppose you have to try contacting them.
8 players