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ACIS: Adventurer Caregivers In Support (of Adventurer Caregivers)
@ 8 p.m.
Overview: Being the parent or caregiver of an adventurer is stressful. Be they prophesied for greatness, runaway royals, or even following in the family’s footsteps, you never know when they will get injured, cursed, or resurrected as a dire boar. In this game, each player will both play a former character of theirs from a tabletop game and the caregiver of another adventurer. Scenes take place during an ACIS peer support group that is happening via magical viewing devices and are interspersed with letter writing about your former character’s adventures to their caregiver. These magical devices are represented as a video conferencing platform, and the game is played entirely online. Will you be able to learn to cope with your fears? Will you find the support you need? And how will your relationship with your ward change? Play this game if you: * Have a favorite table top character that you would like to explore more and/or write some family fan fiction about * Want to explore caregiver/ward relationships and dig into questions around caregiver fears, expectations and letting go. * Enjoy writing letters in character! * Enjoy playing with fantasy tabletop tropes in a way that is knowing, but that takes the characters and their struggles seriously* enjoy playing games in which characters are developed mutually and often have lots of feelings. Game tone: This game's tone is one of family drama, growth, and is generally a bittersweet game about how relationships change over time, understanding others' choices, and expressing love in different ways. The situations adventurers find themselves in and the caregiver's reactions can be humorous, but in general the tone here is not goofy or wacky, but more relationship centered and realistic. What do players do in this game?: This game will involve a combination of pre-casting and in game relationship and character building. Players will submit a former tabletop (or larp, if it is a larp that would have an adventurer in it!) to the GM. Players will then get to choose to play a caregiver of one of the other player provided adventurers. Yes, players get to play two characters in this game: their former tabletop character AND the caregiver of another player's tabletop character. This game features two modes of play that alternate. Most of the game centers around meetings of the ACIS support group, in which caregivers meet to tackle hard questions, ask for advice and support about dealing with the dangers their wards put themselves into on a regular basis, and learn how to move forward with their lives and the choices of those they love. These scenes all are guided by questions and goals of play that move the game forward. In between these scenes, players write letters as their tabletop characters to their caregivers (also guided by a series of prompts) in which they describe the dangerous things they are doing and push back against some of the caregiver's concerns. Content Warnings Messy and potentially toxic caregiver/ward relationships, trauma reactions, violence (off screen).