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Larp: Dimensional Convergence

During the Demon Wars, the world was ravaged and humanity stood on the brink of extinction. Well, in one dimension. In another, the War was won swiftly and assuredly creating a lasting peace and entrenched alliances. The most powerful magic users from the Fallow dimension created a ritual to reach out to their counterparts in the Vantage dimension to learn their secrets of warfare and demon slaying, and finally liberated their people from war. Now, one hundred years later, the ritual must be unearthed and performed again. Players will complete a casting survey and be cast prior to the game, separated into two cabals with interconnected backstories. Each character will have a counterpart in the other cabal, and connections will be made in game with these alternate dimension counterparts. As the ritual continues, characters will get a chance to speak with others who can offer first-hand accounts of their alternate selves. By the end, characters will have the opportunity to learn from - and exchange parts of themselves - with others. All play will occur online, either within their cabal or with people from the alternate dimension. Backstories may contain themes of betrayal, ancient war, loss of a sibling, guilt, desperation, sacrifice, and murder. Characters may be involved or potentially involved in romantic and/or sexual relationships with others and are all written as gender neutral.
8 players