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Larp: An Ensemble Cast Mystery: They Who Play With Lightning

They Who Play With Lightning is an Ensemble Cast Mystery scenario for 5 players (2 investigators and 3 ensemble cast players). A group of friends who went through Starfleet academy together grapple with secrets, intrigue, and the possibility that one of them is a Romulan spy. An Ensemble Cast Mystery is a mystery LARP system where investigators (who do not know the solution to the mystery they’re investigating) and an ensemble (who do know the solution) work together to tell a mystery story. As the detective and their companion move through a pre-scripted mystery scenario, the ensemble interacts with them by playing a variety of characters with conflicting agendas and varying knowledge. As the investigators move through the story, the ensemble helps them uncover clues, guides them to worthwhile encounters, and enables them to solve the mystery. This game is designed to be played over subspace (video and text chat). None of the players need to be in the same physical location but they will need access to video and text chat at the same time (ie. you probably need a computer, not just a phone). This game is expected to run about 1 to 3 hours and costuming is very minimal. They Who Play with Lightning is set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe, but does not require any knowledge of the show. Content Warnings Content includes: background information about a character’s sexual health (Pon Farr, no consent issues), social misbehavior by someone who has an unrequited romantic attraction to another character, and workplace injury in backstory. Participation Advisory This game requires players to connect with both a video call and separate text chat at the same time(ie. you probably need a computer, not just a phone).
5 players