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Larp: All My Exes are in Mechsuits


“HOSTILE DETECTED,” Chariot reported. Sure enough, an ominous icon had appeared on the heads-up map. It was shaped like a skull. Wearing an eyepatch.

Justice tapped it with their finger, opening a comms channel. “You’re not authorized to be here!” Justice demanded. “Who are you?”

“BEAM LASERS CHARGING,” the mech calmly droned.

“Justice. You’ve gotten sloppy since last I saw you. The Academy not drilling you hard enough?”

Justice instantly recognized the voice. They could never have forgotten it. “Judgment? Is that you?”

“LASERS CHARGED,” said Chariot, the skull icon blinking to a targeting reticle. “OPEN FIRE?”

All My Exes are in Mechsuits is a role playing game for exactly three players.

Imagine a mech anime series, full of heated battles in the cold of space, unforgivable betrayals, and shocking revelations far from home base. In Exes in Mechsuits, we play through a single episode of that anime that contains all three: The moment the pilot meets someone important from their past - flying for the other side.

It can be played either as a live-action role-playing game (or “Larp”) or as a pure tabletop experience. It takes two to three hours to play.

Exes in Mechsuits was originally created for the #sadmechjam, organized by John Harness and Takuma Okada. Cover art by @pinacoladapuppy.

It is available as a digital pdf, print-ready pdf (print double-sided, then staple it together to create a physical copy), and plaintext. The character sheets are free.

3 players