The Space Between Us
@ 9 a.m.

We've been fearing it for years. Now, at the dawn of the 23rd century, the day when Earth becomes uninhabitable to humans looms near. Our only recourse is to send exploratory ships far and wide into space to search for a new home... and to hope that we aren't too late.

You are a member of the Mangata family, the most famous family in Spacefleet. You've just woken from a century of cryosleep to begin your one-year mission to find a new home for humanity. But if you are to have any chance for success you must remain strong as a family and as a team. Each in your own small ship, distant from the others and alone in the vastness of space except for the electronic communications among you. The tragedy is that even if you all make it home, 200 years will have passed since you left. Nothing will ever be the same.

Still, you have a mission. Will you be able to find a suitable habitable planet? Will you be able to deal with the ghosts of your past, your closest companions on this journey? This larp focusses on the relationships between the members of the family, and how they will affect the characters on their mission. And there will be some space adventure! ;)

The Space Between Us is an online larp inspired by such TV shows as Lost in Space and The Expanse. It requires exactly five players and a facilitator, and lasts about 5 hours including workshops and debrief. There are prewritten characters and we will play via videochat.

You can find the players guide here:

By Wibora Broschinski