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Larp: The Flower Court


By J. Dragsky


Welcome to the Crystal Age; to the neon spires of the glorious Chrome Dynasty, in the Flower Court of the Plastic Empire. The nobility of the Crystal Age blur the lines between pop divas, celebrities, warlords, and despots. To live among the upper echelons of the neon spires is to live a life completely devoid of strife or suffering. When you are lifted up to the silicon gardens from the concrete jungle below, there’s never a reason to shed your aluminum wings.

The Chrome Dynasty has ruled the Neon Spires for four generations, and their quicksilver grip never wanes. Under their prosperity, the Plastic Empire has experienced a new era of untold peace. One of the most ingenious decisions of Kein TX Milo 3 of House Chromis, the previous Kein of the Plastic Empire, was to consolidate the greatest warlord-babes and slaughter-divas of the nobility and focus their minds on the most important task facing the celebrities—marriage and love. The Flower Court is the place where the powerful come together to flirt and debate and, just occasionally, murder each other.

But what’s the nouveau without a little bit of murder?

The Flower Court is a game about a group of incredibly powerful pop stars / feudal nobles backstabbing each other and turning against each other in the pursuit of their secret goals. In The Flower Court, you take on one of twelve character sheets, including the noble Prinxarch, the war-hungry Doxe, the mysterious Stranger, the tricksy Baronne, or the nervous Cinderella. You create a character riffing on bizarre aesthetics and unique names, and select a mysterious hidden goal. Over the next several hours, you and your fellow players ask each other questions, send each other valentines, propose to each other, and attempt to assassinate each other, all with unique end goals. Maybe you want to marry the Prinxarch and ascend to the throne. Maybe you just want to find true love. Maybe you're here to cause problems and break hearts. Or maybe, in the end, you just want to make it out of here alive.

While The Flower Court was designed to be about representations of romantic desire, it also contains multiple characters who are disconnected from romance, and every character has tools for being aromantic.

The Flower Court is the perfect game for when you want to take a break from the alienation of daily life and embrace a delightful mockery of how the 1% must surely have it.

5 to 12 players