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Larp: A Year and a Day


By Alison Joy Schafer & Kristen Patten


What would you give for Power? For beauty, magic, delirium, wealth, immortality? What price might you pay and what loopholes await you in your contract?

Mortal heirs of glorious kingdoms, golden cities, and other unique heritages have come to barter with the fae and offer a Year and a Day of their lives to those immortals who dwell within the enchanted forests, lands of revelry, and other mysterious realms.

But the fae too seek to gain - and beauty, dreadful power, and solemn promises are their tools. They live in the cycles of the seasons and in the timelessness of their realms. They crave memory, experience, and the strong emotion of a moment. The foolish can become ensnared in their riddles and misleading words; however, the clever could forge alliances of incredible gain.

And these four mortals have not come to bargain ill-prepared.

For one hour, the veil between worlds will dissipate, allowing the meeting between mortal and fae. What bargains might be struck...and at how great of a price?

A Year and a Day will be a speed dealing round format game with the 4 mortals having one-on-one conversations in cycles with the four fae.

8 players