L’Ancien Regime
@ 6 p.m.

For ages uncountable the kings and queens of Saint-Clémence were blessed of the gods, and ruled in their name. Their power woke the land from its winter slumbers, and caused it to bear fruit -- their power eased the pains of their people with a touch, and cured all manner of ills -- their power repelled the swords and arrows of other nations, which might otherwise have jealously assailed their wealth -- their power quieted the grumblings of their own populace, who might otherwise have resented the vast leisure and extravagance of the monarchs of the line of de Courbenie.

But in an age of fertilizer and guns and penicillin the people of Saint-Clémence did not see much further need for the blessings of the gods.

On the night the rebellion rose nearly every heir of the line of de Courbenie was slain -- all but the king's third daughter, who with the help of her father’s chancellor fled across the sea, grave and gravid. In the confusion of the journey she bore twin daughters, each lovelier than the last -- and in the confusion of the journey no one was entirely sure which was the elder and which was the younger. It no longer mattered, the princess said, since neither would ever return to rule.

In the thirty-three years that followed she and her household tried to forget many things that no longer mattered.

And then the plague came -- to all the world, and to Saint-Clémence.

The parliament of Saint-Clémence has urgently requested the return of a member of the line of de Courbenie, to be coronated as the head of a constitutional monarchy and oversee the restoration of the blessing of the gods. Obviously someone is going. But Solaine de Courbenie, never strong, is dying, and neither of Asphodèle de Courbenie and Amarante de Courbenie-Lewis was ever officially declared her heir. And so the three of them, and their families, have urgently convened via the only means available to decide which of them will return to carry their birthright.

L'Ancien Regime is a two hour game for five players about sacrifice, responsibility, and history. It is designed to be played primarily over Zoom.

Potential players should be advised that L’Ancien Regime takes place in late March 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. It also extensively discusses the death of a parent.