Call Your Mom
@ 3 p.m.

The Arkian colony ship Noah has just reached the Tau Ceti system after three years of relativistic space flight -- only to discover that, contrary to the best predictions of the remote probes, none of the planets in the system are suitable for colonizing. With their theologically-driven plans for a utopian colony foiled at least temporarily by circumstance, the Arkians aboard must now either return to Mars, or else -- somehow -- go onward.

In the meantime, the Noah’s deceleration provides brief window in which the ship will be able to communicate in real-time on the ship’s ansible with the home planets. Iris Parker, wife to the Noah’s charismatic pastor and mother to his children, will be using her precious hour-long timeslot on the ansible to call her mother.

For Erin Stein, a prominent atmospheric chemist on Mars, thirteen years have passed to her daughter’s three since last they spoke. Thirteen more years will pass, at minimum, before another opportunity may arise, and especially given Martian life-expectancy she has no grounds for confidence that she will ever see Iris again.

Though their convictions and ambitions have pulled their lives onto divergent trajectories, the two women are bound together by unbreakable ties of blood, memory, and love. They now have one hour to catch up, resolve any unfinished business, and somehow say goodbye.

Call Your Mom is a one hour video-chat LARP by Edward Su and Elisabeth Cohen.