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Larp: Four Lovers


Introduction: It is a time of plague. In the Doge’s palace in Venice, four nobles have been cloistered against the pestilence, each in their own chambers, admitting no one except a servant named Moroso. A representative of holy orders attends to their spiritual needs. Each chamber looks down on a garden, but soon the windows will be made fast against the noxious, disease-filled air. When it is safe to open them again, the Doge will allow it. Then the nobles may converse. Until that time the nobles may only communicate through written notes passed by the servant. Moroso is indiscreet and there are no secrets! And love is in the air as surely as the plague is... Fact Box Players: Four or five, one of whom facilitates. With four, remove the Abbott/Abbess and hope for the best. Five is ideal. Time: Two hours maximum and probably less. 30 minutes prep, One hour of play in two phases, 15 minutes for weddings, 15 minutes to debrief. Technology: Synchronous audio and a group chat function. Video is recommended for the initial workshop and debrief. Tone: Light-hearted and a little romantic, but not too much. Content warnings: Romance, flirting and entendre. References to isolation and plague.