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Larp: Very Distant Lands: a game of princess combat


Written by Abe Pressman, Ceridwen Pietras, & Caitlin O'Brien


Welcome to a land of adventure, royal intrigue, and metaphysical geopolitics. Will you struggle through a complex political game to expand the borders of your kingdom, research forgotten magics, or just decide to forget that and go wrassle some monsters? Hopefully at least a bit of the last one, because with the royal heroes on holiday (not that we ever needed their help) it's up to the princesses to team up and save the day!

Of course, you'll have enemies, and rivals, so watch your back. Which feuding dutchies will you support, and can you talk your way out of a war? How will you survive the complex verbal etiquette of Lumpy Space, the dark wilds of the Evil Forest, or the crushing darkness of the Nightosphere, in a series of challenging, inspirational, and thought-provoking quests?

Not to fear, of course—everything will be wrapped up by tea-time, and then it's onto the next episode.

(This game draws loosely from the world of Adventure Time, but no knowledge of the show or its lore is necessary for this game—after all, it's a story about what happens when all the heroes and big-name princesses are away, and the lesser-known princesses get their chance to shine, and also we're still a few seasons behind)

5 to 20 players