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Larp: Superqueeroes


Superqueeroes is a low-mechanics, theatre-style LARP, where combat is resolved via negotiation between players and then played out dramatically between those players. It’s a 4-hour roleplaying game about superpowers, identity, queerness, romance, and drama. Basically, it’s a game written by three queer kids who wanted to see themselves reflected in superhero media. Written by Aaron Silverman, Alissa Murray, and Dana M


It’s the night of graduation at the Super Hero Institute for the Talented (SHIfT), and you’re all eagerly awaiting your team placements. Will you be put on the Extraordinary Equity League, the most prestigious hero organization in the world? Will you end up working for Superheroes Without Borders, fighting crises in foreign locales? Will you get relegated to the Friendly Neighborhood Association of Heroes and end up micromanaging a few square blocks of San Francisco? Maybe you’ll end up somewhere else entirely? This is your last chance to spend time with your friends before you take up your new roles as heroes. This is your last chance to settle old grudges and get your feelings for potential crushes off your chest. This is your last chance to come out and be a hero to yourself and to others. No matter what happens, this will be a night to remember.

12 to 17 players