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Larp: LineCon

Welcome to the line at Terracon VXI. Certainly there's a fantastic and exciting convention going on inside, but how would you know? Could be worse tho, I mean, you've only spend a few hours waiting out here so far...
"Welcome to TerraCon XVI, the hottest Anime, Science Fiction and Gaming Convention on the face of the planet.” Well, that’s what you’d be hearing if you could get inside, anyway! With over 20,000 people, Terracon XVI is probably the biggest convention ever held in Massachusetts. Unfortunately for you, it seems like they’re all standing in line waiting to get their badges… LineCon is a comedic horde game about the odd people you meet standing on line at a geek convention (and the even odder convention staff that seem to always be present at these conventions). It draws inspirations from a variety of classic LARPing sources, along with the author’s real experiences standing in lines exactly like these. Plus we make fun of Nat Budin – what else could you possibly want?
10 to 15 players