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Larp: But Not Tonight


But Not Tonight is a freeform LARP about the Cold War, high school social dynamics, and the struggle to find hope when the world around you might be burning to the ground.

On a spring afternoon in 1986, the air raid siren at your high school goes off and the guidance counselor ushers you into the building's fallout shelter with only a handful of other students. With no radio or other means of communicating with the outside world, it is unclear to all of you whether this is a drill, a mistake, or the real deal. As the hours pass and the possibility of nuclear annihilation grows more real, will you open up to people you never thought you would trust, dismantle the school's social hierarchy as you know it, and say all the things you meant to keep secret?

Content Warnings: Potential nuclear annihilation, being trapped, bullying, isolation, threat of death to friends, family, and self.

Illustrations by Casper Collin.

6 to 8 players