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Larp: touch_myelf


Elf yeah! You did it; you finally took that chance and joined the other elf kinksters out there in a special interest chatroom that you were once too ashamed to admit a desire for. You came up with a rad online handle, built up some elf esteem, and began chatting - but keeping your involvement a secret from the rest of the world. By day you were working your job and paying your bills, like everyone else.

By night, you were whoever you wanted to be: a sexy elven hero of legend, the seductive prince of the green woods, the cute christmas elf in candy-red lipstick, the vixen of warcraft, a level 20 epic elf with a high performance modifier (hot damn!). You weren’t sure what you expected to find: a best friend? a lover? a date for the upcoming Elven Cosplay Con? But you certainly did not expect to be found out!

touch_myelf chatroom is a light-hearted, online, text-based larp for 90 minutes for 6 players. Players will be cast as one of the online chat handles and will receive a 5 page character sheet outlining their real life backstory, their online identity (if it differs), their particular elf special interest, their budding friendships/flirtations/rivalries with the other chat users, and screenshots of scandalous secrets they know. Start a romance, start a flame war, take online quizzes, and have your real life identity exposed! Note: this game is rated PG13 for obvious adult themes, puns, and jokes; however, it does not include graphicly explicit sexual descriptions nor is that the main focus of the plot, but instead a reason to wish to hide your true identity in an edgy chatroom setting!

6 players