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Larp: As We Know It


As We Know It The world has ended, but you’ve survived. (Probably wish you hadn’t.)

You’re in hiding, but every second brings the alien invaders closer to your door. Your phone buzzes. You have a text. Another survivor? Or a trap?

As We Know It is a freeform larp designed for four players. All players will be in isolation, ideally in a closet or similar place, and only able to communicate through text. You play characters caught in hiding after an extraterrestrial invasion has wiped out all they know of humanity, but they are soon alerted that there may be other survivors. But who can you trust when it’s only words on a screen?

Possible content includes death, isolation, suicide, genocide, forced sterilization, systemic violence, and paranoia. Players by default expected to actually play from within a closed space like a closet without any outside influences, but everyone can make their own personal adjustments for their own needs.

4 players