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Larp: Montage!


80s Movie Nostalgia Drama for 16 - 24 players by Ron T Blechner

Need to train for The Big Game? Montage! Need to earn the attention of Your Cute Crush? Montage! Need to save your ice cream parlor from financial ruin? Montage! Need to create a friendly robot to help save you from aliens? Montage! Need to show how well your Amateur Paranormal Investigation Club is doing? Montage! January 1989: Malls and arcades are all the rage. The Berlin Wall has not yet fallen. Big hair and denim are the peak of fashion. New Wave, Hair Metal, Hip Hop, Cindi Lauper, and Genesis dominated the radio.

Montage players take on the roles of high school seniors at a Typical American High School that's facing financial trouble with budget cuts to arts, sports, and clubs. A new dress code has been enacted and rock and roll and hip hop are banned within school walls! An Old Fashioned Big Corporate Real Estate Developer has started buying up property in town! The mayor is corrupt and your principal is prrrobably a jerk.

Worst of all, your crush probably doesn't even know you're alive. SIGH

This game is inspired by movies like The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pretty In Pink, The Goonies, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, The Karate Kid, The Heathers, Real Genius, and maybe even The Lost Boys and Back To The Future? WHAT COULD GO WRONG IF THESE ALL HAPPENED AT THE SAME SCHOOL?

We need a MONTAGE!

16 to 24 players