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Larp: What They Did in the Dark


by Whistler

Once every year, the Darke Council of the East (a bunch of vampires from the Greater Boston Area) comes together in their Dark Abode (the back room of Rinky Dink’s Drinks) to do Evil Doings (gossip, hiss at each other, and hold an impromptu election).

Why the election? Well, only two months ago, the appointed Grandmaster Vampyre died. They found poor Vlad a mere pile of ash on his armchair, assassinated in the traditional way: they’d pulled the curtains on him real sudden-like. The sun smote him on sight. Now, the remaining vampires of the Greater Boston Area are coming together to undergo a bloody vampiric trial known as a Democratic Election.

The back room door squeaks open before you, and your once-fashionable shoes stand on the beer-stained off-white carpet of Rinky Dink's back room. Who are you? What're you doing here? And will you be the new Grandmaster of the Greater Boston Area? You’re here to find out – but more importantly, you’re here to mug for the fake cameras, make Bloody Deals, and take yourself way too seriously.

What They Did in the Dark is a larp inspired by the mockumentary film What We Do in the Shadows, by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement. It's about a bunch of vampires attempting a democratic election. There will be dumb supernatural powers and even dumber politics; it'll be humorous and silly and overly dramatic. Come join us in our den of villainy!

15-player maximum