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Larp: Awakening


by Alli Mawhinney, Megan Jones, Malcolm Campbell, Nick Curd, Natalie Curd

The Earth is dying. The last stable government left on Earth found a habitable planet and put together two colony ships to travel there, in the hope of creating a new start for the human race. The Command Staff have been carefully chosen, ensuring that the ideologies of the Rica government are maintained on Kepler-452b.

The voyage has taken 2000 years, and everyone has been in stasis while an AI computer looked after the ship.

Now, at last, you have arrived ….

A lot may have happened along the voyage. Have you arrived safely at Kepler-452b or are you off-course? Has the other colony ship made it with you? Your friends and family, split across the two ships, separated for what may seem like mere hours but is in fact millennia … How have they fared?

Awakening is a game of angst and decisions about settling on a new world, set in a relatively hard-SF universe. Adult themes include dealing with the loss of loved ones.

10-player maximum