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Larp: Sins of the Others


by Alex Helm

It is the year 3726. Humanity has spread across the whole galaxy, colonising stars and subjugating others to the rule of the Terran Empire. For centuries, peace was achieved, albeit through the application of force and tyrannical rule.

Over time, the Terran Empire grew more bloated, arrogant, decadent and corrupt. It was only a matter of time before rebels and revolutionaries across the galaxy united to bring it down once and for all, and so a bitter civil war has raged across the stars for years. Make no mistake - both sides have left devastation and destruction in their wake.

With no seeming end to the stalemate, it was agreed that a final battle would settle the matter once and for all. The location: the surface and orbit of a planet called Tamaskis. The battle was brutal and very close indeed, but the Terran Empire emerged victorious.

It's now several months later. The Terran flagship is returning to Earth victorious with the Terran elites and a number of high status prisoners of war. But with conspiracies afoot, are matters truly settled?

This is a dark sci-fi game for 30 players. Characters are a mixture of Terran elites and captured revolutionary leaders. Expect lots of politics and negotiations between the characters of the opposing factions. Conspiracies are rampant, and many people will have hidden agendas. However be aware that things may be turned on their head during the game..

20 to 30 players