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Larp: Aftermath


by Nickey Barnard

It is the third century of the second calendar. Earth is still the centre of human expansion in the galaxy but it is ruled by a despotic totalitarian Federation, who keep the population of countless worlds subjugated with drugs and an iron fist. Fighting against them are desperate rebel factions led chiefly by Roj Blake and his misfit crew of criminals and freedom fighters.

Two months ago there was a war with aliens from the Andromeda galaxy. Blake gave warning in time but a great deal of the Federation fleet were wiped out and the President was killed. The High Council have been forced to deal with recognised leaders of the rebellion that they would rather have hunted down like dogs. An uneasy Peace Conference has been called on an independent space station, Space City, in order to broker a lasting political solution.

Is this the time for the Federation to finally be forced to change? Or will they once more gain back their iron control over the majority of civilised worlds? Will the rebel leaders live up to their legends or will easy power go to their heads? Is this a time for war, or a time for peace? And who are the real heroes in this uncertain aftermath?

This is a game of politics, intrigue and ideology based on the space opera tv series, Blake's 7.

22-player maximum