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Larp: A Dream is Just a Dream


by Graham Arnold, Martin Jones, Sue Lee

It is 1951 and time has gone by since the events of Casablanca, and the Charles's Investigations. Can a novel therapy using drug-induced shared lucid dreams revitalise the marriages of Nick and Nora Charles, and Victor Laszlo and Ilsa Lund, or will they find that their futures lie apart? A game where Film Noir couples (from Casablanca and The Thin Man series) engage in relationship counselling. Expect high drama, angst, and past wounds to be revisited.

Costuming is not essential, but would improve the atmosphere of the game. We suggest anything that would not look too out of place in a film-noir setting. There will be an optional post-game structured debrief to allow players the opportunity to decompress.

Note: Please be clear that this is a game, and none of the authors are real-world therapists. Characters in this game are two canonical heterosexual couples, and the writers have extrapolated beyond the closing credits.

There will be two simultaneous runs, each of four players, with a shared briefing and (optional) debriefing.

8-player maximum