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Larp: Survivors of the Naronic

February 11, 1893. In the freezing waters of the mid-Atlantic, the survivors of the SS Naronic await their fate. Despite being less than a year old, their vessel has sunk in mysterious circumstances. The occupants of its lifeboats have little hope of lasting the night. The survivors will be rescued, but by a vessel thought destroyed and a Captain believed dead. The legend who claims to be 'no man' has saved them for now, but has set course for an erupting volcano. Sped beneath the sea in a marvel of modern engineering, the SS Naronic's passengers and crew will find themselves in an extraordinary adventure that takes them to an outpost of a vanished civilization... and perhaps beyond. Survivors of the Naronic is a rip-roaring game of Victorian adventure and intrigue set in a universe slightly more interesting than our own. The game is inspired by the works of Jules Verne, Maurice Leblanc and others. In our more mundane world, the Naronic was carrying a crew of cattlemen. In this reality, however, its passengers are European and American luminaries: Scientists; Celebrities; Scoundrels and Heroes. All have their own secrets and agendas. There will be Bartitsu.