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Larp: One Flew Over the Cloud-Cuckoo's Nest


The realm of Nubicuculia has been deserted! The Birds have flown the coop!


Breaking News! This Just In!

The realm of Nubicuculia has been deserted! The Birds have flown the coop!

The keys to this metaphysical property have been left in the hands of our Progenitors - Earth and Sky - who seem to be the only two entities in the multiverse who want nothing to do with it. For those unfamiliar, Cloud-Cuckoo Land is a magical place - cheeses rain from the sky, rivers of wine and honey flow through the land, roasted geese fly straight into your mouth and life there is easy and luxurious.

We have reached out to the Origins of All for a comment, and were told that due to their total involvement with the eon-to-eon maintenance of their respective domains, Sky and Earth would be looking for new custodians and residents for Nubicuculia, effective immediately.

Any who wish to submit their candidacy for the ownership of Cockayne/Nubicuculia are advised to convene at the Navel of the World, Earth, in order to plead their case before the Progenitors.

This has been Kleiodora, Heliad Nymph, reporting.

One Flew Over the Cloud-Cuckoo's Nest is a whimsical free-form game, with few mechanics and an emphasis on player's choices in characterization. (I want to see y'all run with a loose framework given!) It is inspired by Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: Seasons of Mist, Aristophanes' The Birds, medieval Goliardic verse and fairy tales. (No knowledge is needed of the first three to play the game!) Roles will be pre-cast, and costuming is highly encouraged! Players can expect to work with (or against) members of their own and other factions to vie for custodianshp of a hot piece of metaphysical property.