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Larp: The Stars Whisper


The Stars Whisper

The Stars Whisper is a LARP where you play the stars in a constellation as they shine in the night sky, over the course of thousands of years.

In a style reminiscent of other low-key, contemplative LARPs such as Still Life, you will use flashlights in a dim room to represent the stars you are playing. Over the course of the game, you develop relationships with the other celestial beings around you, whispering to the stars next to you in the constellation, and perhaps asking them to pass messages to other stars who shine light-years away from you. Character creation involves developing relationships with the other stars in your constellation as well as news you wish to send or questions you seek to ponder with them. As you communicate with your family of stars, you will together contemplate your luminous, still, and lonely lives over millennia.

7 to 12 players