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Larp: The New World Order and Other Secret Societies


Ed Allen, Maris Rence (BYOV) Civilization has collapsed. Countless natural disasters have changed the earth forever. Rulers emerge from the supernatural, occult and human societies to work towards peace or prepare for global war. Civilization has collapsed. Pollution, global warming, volcanos and earthquakes have changed the earth forever. Whole countries have been submerged. From the despair emerge new societies and rulers. The new world leaders: supernatural, occult and human come to shape the future at the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland. Atlantis has risen, Russia and Europe are ruled by the Pope. China has professed its love for the Dali Lama. Independent small states have emerged. Supernaturals exist and have lived openly for decades. Will you bring harmony to the table or war? Will there be peace and prosperity or global war? A BYOV Tragedy.

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