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Larp: The Greatest Discovery


Brass & Steel (1.5) Kenneth Vinson, Shane Bauer, Gregory Kveberg, Jon Osborne (Pamean Games) Prinzinger Exploration, an obscure American mining company, has announced a world-changing discovery in the desert highlands of the Inka Empire and has invited the world to their great unveiling. When Prinzinger Exploration asked the Inka Empire for permission to prospect in the Atacama Desert, the grandees of the court saw no reason to say no. That same company’s recent announcement of a "world-changing" discovery in that desolate place has surprised everyone. The powers and corporations of the Steampunk World of Brass & Steel have reluctantly sent representatives to see what the fuss is about. The company promises a reveal the like of which no one has seen before, but since no one has heard of Prinzinger until now, the attendees' mindset varies from incredulous to cautiously optimistic.

40-player maximum